5 Myths That You've Heard About Traveling to Africa

Africa is a very misunderstood destination. It offers an amazing safari to the adventuring type but can also warrant fears by those who have read about the headlines of war, misfortune and disease. Africa is the subject of much controversy, generalization and misconception. The following are five myths put to rest.
Cape Town's Beach
1. Africa is One Country. Africa is commonly discussed as one single place but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Africa is one single continent yes, but it is home to fifty four independent countries that are in accordance to the African Union or United Nations. They each have their own government, army and constitution. Each also have their own very unique landscapes which cover mountain plains, grasslands, to phenomenal beaches. The size of Africa alone mind blowing.
2. Africa is very dangerous and filled with violent crime. The many headlines about robberies and carjackings across Johannesburg to Nairobi cloud peoples minds whenever Africa is mentioned. But what people do not recall when thinking of Africa is how South Africa’s murder rate has been cut in half since 1990. The United Nations record that Africa is less dangerous now then Central and South America which is noteworthy. Most thefts that occur now in Africa are a direct result of socio- economic issues which are opportunistic - in short do not come out of a night club and walk to your hotel at 3am. That is just asking for your purse to be stolen. Have some common sense while traveling. People are basing their knowledge of Africa off of misinformation.
Pretoria's Metro Station
3. Africa is full of disease. What one might not know is that the Ebola scare with in Africa has been significantly reduced in Africa with in the past year. One needs to remember that Europe and South America were both closer to the Ebola outbreak then the two major touristy parts of Africa including South and East Africa. Both of these two locations had no incidents of Ebola. Travelers need to base their decision making on actually geography and not media based perception.
4. Safari's cost an arm and a leg. This also couldn't be farther from the truth. There is a safari to fit any budget. All inclusive Africa trips are able to offer very good prices on African Safaris. One needs to remember that luxury accommodations in eco friendly lodging found in remote undeveloped areas of the wilderness are not free of cost. But remember your well spent money will be going towards animal welfare, conservation, anti-poaching, and veterinary science research. You are also advised to not chose the most expensive or luxurious safari. Chose one with in your are of expense. Be a smart traveler who attends a two day camping safari and do not spend your entire life savings on a seven day safari lodge tour. You will experience the Serengeti's beauty and feel connected to the wildlife all the same in a short economic friendly stay then an extravagant over stay.
African Safari Lodge
5. African hotels do not measure up to our western living standards. This is proven wrong by 2016's Travel and Leisure World’s Best List. The list consisted of at least twenty hotels in Africa. So this claim is completely false. There are many five star hotels located within Africa such as Serena Hotel, Protea Group, Wilderness Safari Lodges and many more. You should not come to Africa looking for a United States experience. You are traveling to a new place looking for new experiences and some adaptation is necessary. Each hotel and restaurant will have their own standards. Many travelers report that they have had some of their best experiences in smaller, local spots that had its own character. Be open minded while traveling and you may be pleasantly surprised.