The History of Comoros Islands

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The Island of Comoros were founded by Malayopolunesian’s in the 6th century. These sailors were later joined by African and Arab travelers. The island was used as a trading depot for spices as well as slaves for hundreds of years. Sometime within the 10th to 15th century settlers came from the Persian Gulf as well as the Red Sea areas to establish Islam. These settlers caused a rivalry to occur. Two sultanates then began. Although, there was a division Islam took over the social life of the island. Presently the Comoros culture is quite like the culture of the Swahili population in Africa.
Due to the division with in the island it was weakened. This lead the 19th century invasion of France. France declared the island to be a french colony. In 1912 the island was officially name apart of the colonies of France.
This Island was left isolated and ignored by the world until the 1960s. This was because the french set a mandate that all local press and political organization was prohibited. Although, in December of 1961 the people began to revolt. The students began strikes and this created an atmosphere of awareness throughout the island. This lead to the french government allowing political parties with in the island to form.
This caused much political stress. Each political party wanted a different out come. Some of the parties wanted independence from the french while others we more content. In December of 1972 the parties of pro independence won thirty four seats and the later only won five. On July 15 in 1973 the government of France had no choice but to grant them independence. The terms of the agreement were that in five years time each island that wanted to obtain freedom from France could obtain it.
Africatravelling - The Mosque Moroni Comoros There was much resistance against the terms that the French declared. There were many riots and revolts throughout the island. But in December 1974 a vote was produced and ninety four percent of the people wanted freedom from France. On July 6th of 1975 a major political party leader named Ahmed Abdallah announced that they had a uni lateral independence declaration. Then only July 7th Ahmed was elected as the head of the state and the Comoros accepted.
Ahmed was denounced by an opposing political party leader named Ali Soli. Ali Soli took over the island on August 3rd 1975 and led the island poorly until May 1978. Mercenaries helped Ahmed Abdallah regain his position as head of the island on May 13th. Many disliked Ahmed Abdallah as a ruler as well. His unpopularity lead to his death on November 27th in 1989. Mohammed Djohar was appointed in his place but the mercenaries held the true power.
Eventually the mercenaries surrendered to the power of Mohammed Djohar and he served a 6 year term as president. In 1997 the Comoros were seceded by Anjouan. The two rival factions seized the Comoros and the one agreement they had was to secede the Comoros. They could not decide whether to stay joined with France or declare independence. A war began on the Island.
In order to end the violence Colonel Assoumanu Azzali outed Mohammed as president and appointed Prime Minister Abbas Djoussouf on April 30th 1999. This new leader was to stay in power only one year and elections would be held during this time to find a common liked president for the Island.