Africatravelling Panorama of Polokwanen (Pietersburg)

Enjoying a convenient location along the Great North Road Pietersburg is a beautiful city, with wide streets, multicolored jacaranda and coral trees, charming parks and babbling fountains. Strategically located halfway between Pretoria and the Zimbabwean border, Pietersburg is a perfect spot to start your exploring the area from.

A major commercial, agricultural and cultural center of the region, the city impresses with remarkable art exhibitions and elegant architectural monuments. Outside of the city there are some of the best cattle ranches in South Africa.

Pietersburg is the key educational centre, home to a number of educational institutions and colleges, including the University of the North established in 1959 at Turfloop, just 14 miles east of Pietersburg.

Among the top local attractions is the municipal Pietersburg Nature Reserve, which sprawls along 3,200 hectares. This large nature park is home to abundant wildlife, rare birds in particular. Also popular among the tourists is the Bakone Malapa Open-Air Museum, located 9 kilometers south of the downtown. The "living museum" vividly shows the history and culture of the Sotho people in the north.

With a moderate climate and average temperature of 27 degrees in summer and 20 degrees in winter, no excessive rains in summer (just 400 - 600 mm precipitation annually), Pietersburg is a nice place to live. There is a modern airport as well as major roads and railway that connect with the South Africa–Zimbabwe border and Johannesburg.